Power Vision Engineering Software

Power Vision Engineering is in charge of:
  • Software Distribution,
  • Organising Training seminars,
  • Providing Support to SIMSEN customers
of the simulation software SIMSEN:


This software package is developed by the academic partners of Power Vision Engineering:
  • Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines, LMH, EPFL
  • Laboratory of Electrical Machines, LME, EPFL
EPFL: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

News are avilable on SIMSEN Wiki and News

The software package enables modelling, simulation and analysis of the power networks dynamic behavior, speed drives and hydraulic systems with arbitrary topology. The strength of the software leads to the possibility of including into the simulation:
  • Hydraulic circuits,
  • Electrical installations,
  • Rotating inertias,
  • Control/command systems,
with a very high degree of complexity for each part, ensuring to take properly into account all dynamics interactions.

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