Power Vision Engineering provides Modelling, Simulation, Analysis, and Optimization of hydroelectric power plants dynamic behavior.


Our company has expertise in the fields of Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical engineering and promotes multiphysics approaches to include dynamics of every part of the installation with rational methodology.

The main services provided by Power Vision Engineering are:

Numerical simulation of transient phenomena in hydroelectric power plants comprising:

  • Hydraulic circuit and hydraulic machines (pump-turbines, Francis, Pelton, Kaplan turbines, pumps),
  • Electrical installation and electrical machines (Generator, Varspeed, transformer), rotating inertias,
  • Control system (turbine speed governor, voltage regulator, power system stabilizer (PSS)),
  • Connection to islanded/interconnected power networks.

Numerical simulation of periodic phenomena:

  • Part load vortex rope excitation, full load instabilities, rotor-stator interactions,
  • Speed no load stability,
  • Power quality,
  • etc,


  • Control/command strategy,
  • Control/command parameters,
  • Emergency procedures,
  • Annual production,

Power Vision Engineering also develops and provides dedicated simulation tools for specific hydroelectric power plants with standard simulation scenarios


Services Examples


  • Assess and validate safety of hydraulic waterways networks (water hammer and mass oscillations, structural safety and design, turbine transients, pump transients, etc.) under normal and extreme operating conditions
  • Assess and optimize operating stability of hydroelectric power plant (draft tube surge, full load instabilities, rotor-stator interaction, turbine/pump stability, governor parameters, etc.) under normal and extreme operating conditions
  • Assess and validate safety of electrical installations (earth fault, out of phase synchronization, short-circuit, etc.) under normal and extreme operating conditions
  • Assess variable speed pump-turbine units control performances
  • Set-up and optimize control strategy including turbine speed governor, voltage regulator and power system stabilizer
  • Perform general check-up (“fitness check”) of power house and eventual needs for operating improvements


Power Vision Engineering Lectures


Power Vision Engineering lectures in the fields of:

  • Transient phenomena in hydroelectric power plants,
  • Numerical simulation of hydroelectric power plants dynamic behavior,
  • Hydroacoustic resonance and instabilities in hydropower plants.

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