Control your Digital HPP and Simulate its Transient Behavior


Didactic Tool for Collaborators

Digital Twin of Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) for Real-Time Transient Simulations

Simulate your Events in Real-Time and Visualize the Response of the Digital HPP


With MyHPP Simulator, the user can take control in real-time of a digital hydroelectric power plant and simulate any transient behaviour. This is a powerfull didactic tool to:

  • Get knowledge about physical phenomena which drive the operating of the HPP
  • To train on the operation of the HPP by simulating scenarii which can occur in reality
  • To understand the technical issues of the operation of HPP

User-friendly interface

Select User Events

  • Start and synchronization of units
  • Normal stop, quick stop
  • Load rejection
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Valve closures
  • Active and reactive power variation
  • Voltage and frequency network variation
  • Electrical short-circuit …

Real-Time Interaction >> Visualization with Time Charts:

  • Custom positions of time charts
  • Custom settings of channels

Real-Time Interaction >> Visualization with Synoptic Diagrams:

  • State overview of the hydroelectric power plant

Download PDF

PDF MyHHP Simulator (0.7 Mo)


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